15 Sep 2015

Water Testing At Sha Tin College


Dear Staff and Students,
Water Testing At Sha Tin College
All of the potable water sources at Sha Tin College have recently been tested for lead content. One of the sources was found to be above the government limit of 10mg/l. The Facilities Development Department of the ESF have prepared the following information to further explain the situation and the proposed remedial action.
Q. Detail on the Food Tech Room 214
A. The Pantry tap in the Food Tech Room 214 was tested as a water source and had slightly elevated levels (the government limit is 10mg/l and the Pantry tap result was 23mg/l). This tap is connected via a branch arrangement from the main supply, meaning that the main supply is not contaminated, but the branch is (if the main supply was the problem, all tests results at SC would be elevated). We will be running new supply pipe to the tap from the main supply and then re-testing to check that the remedial works have solved the problem. Use of the Pantry tap has been suspended.
Q. What has and hasn’t been tested
A. All sources of drinking water have been tested at SC. This includes 100% of drinking fountains, fresh water taps in pantry or staff rooms/ areas and also food tech sink taps. No hose reels have been tested, no science labs have been tested, as these should not be water sources that are a normal source of drinking or ‘digestible’ water.
Possible questions from parents…
Q. What is the risk to my child?
A. Given that the test results for all but one source were way below the Government limit, the risk is very low.
Q. Do we need to send our children for checking?
A. Based on the very low risk, no.
Q. How long has this problem been undetected?
A. It is not normal practice to regularly test for heavy metals in fresh water supplies. The HK government controls the use of lead containing products in fresh water supplies. 
Q. How much above the ‘allowable limit’ is it and what does that mean?
A. All drinking fountains at STC are well below the government limit of 10mg/l. The single source with slightly elevated levels is 23mg/l and is a sink tap, not a drinking fountain.
Marc Morris


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