23 Aug 2021

Valuable Summer Experience


This summer, I partook in an internship experience at a law firm. To be honest, as a student with close to no legal skills and experience, what I could contribute to the firm was extremely limited. However, the value of this experience lies in the opportunity to explore the field of law and get a glimpse into the professional life as a lawyer, which I am extremely grateful for. 

During the week, I was presented with a range of legal case files, which includes the transcript of testimonies, exhibits, court orders, judgements and findings of facts of each case. I was guided by the solicitor through how to conduct legal research to look for precedents in a case and how to interpret the findings in a critical and logical manner. As a lot of the legal concepts covered in these cases were completely new to me, I found this task to be academically challenging yet rewarding. 

The highlight of this internship has been the visit to the High Court, where I was able to explore the practical applications of the law. This experience allowed me to consolidate my understanding of litigation proceedings and appreciate the intricacies involved in each hearing. I was mesmerised by the ability of the attorneys to construct articulate and compelling arguments and expertly examine the witness in pursuit of truth and justice. 

This internship was extremely enriching and fruitful, as I was able to consolidate my passion for and understanding of law in a pragmatic manner. I would highly recommend any students who may have passion in law or understand more about the law profession to find an internship opportunity.

By Dorothy Ho (13P1)