6 Mar 2020

Updates: Year 11 Graduation Ball

Dear Parents and Students,

As you are aware we have been in discussion with Hotel ICON regarding the rescheduling of the Year 11 Graduation Ball.  We can now confirm that the ball will now take place at 7pm on Thursday 18 June 2020.  The deadline to hand in the payment and reply slip is now 24 April. You may also bring it to school and hand into reception or you may also post it.

We realise that this may not be a suitable date for some students and apologise for any disappointment caused but we had very limited options available to us.


Jane Parry                       James Lewis                                   Alice Gibbons

Senior Leader                  Head of Year 11                             Deputy Head of Year 11



Reply Slip: Year 11 Graduation Ball, 18th June 2020 Thursday* (updated)


My son / daughter (name)____________________________in Year 11 (tutor group)______________

*will be / will not be going to the Year 11 Graduation Ball on 18th June 2020 (Thu).


I have enclosed a non-refundable cheque with this reply slip

Bank: ___________________ ; Cheque number: _____________),

(Payable to ‘Sha Tin College’ in the amount of HK$750)


Parent’s Name: ___________________________________   (BLOCK Letter)

Parent’s Signature: ________________________________    Date: _________/________/_________


(Please return the slips and cheques at Reception or post them to the Senior School Admin Ms. Lau by Wednesday 24th April 2020)