10 May 2021

United Magazine Launch

United Magazine is a bilingual, student-led magazine from Shatin College. The magazine was first established in 2013, and this year, despite Covid-19 restrictions, the students of STC have continued its legacy, launching its 8th issue. The magazine features a plethora of both Chinese and English articles, all centred around the theme of cultural identity. Indeed, STC is a diverse community with many students being fluent in more than one language and consequently, United Magazine strives to promote bilingualism within STC, as well as amongst Hong Kong international school students.

This year’s issue of United Magazine discusses the issue of globalisation and how it can often lead to a loss of cultural identity. With many international students brought up in Hong Kong under a Western education, students no doubt feel a conflicting sense of culture and accordingly, these experiences have been expressed into words. Nicole Leung, 12X1, member of the United Magazine Head Team issued “As members of a global community, it is often difficult for international students, such as ourselves, to feel truly connected with our culture.”

However, United Magazine offers a celebration of such thoughts and feelings about culture, all whilst displaying the impressive literary and artistic flair that students possess. Nicole adds “Through reading our articles, we hope that our readers can take pride in their identity, both as members of a global community and as members of local communities.” Marjovie Liu, 12P1, Chief Editorial of United Magazine agreed “I’m aware that many students in our school may feel a bit adrift from their cultures, so by reading this magazine I hope our audience will understand that you are not alone. There is a certain beauty to the multiculturalism of our society that deserves celebration, which is what United Magazine aims to promote.”

After months of hard work, the United Magazine Head Team have managed to publish a total of 16 amazing articles – all of which are definitely deserving of a read! This year the magazine was made into an online issue and can be found at: unitedmagazine.squarespace.com. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a thing or two about your cultural identity, so be sure to check it out!

By Lucy Mok (12P2)