30 Aug 2023

Three Ways to Support your Child as they (Re)Connect with the STC Community

3 Ways to Support your Child as they (Re)Connect with the STC Community

As we start a new school year, we want to emphasize the importance of “Connect” – one of the five ways to wellbeing – in our school community. Building strong connections plays a vital role in fostering a healthy and thriving environment for our students.

“Our relationships are our strength” – we are committed to this value at STC. We are intentionally working to create a nurturing environment where students feel valued, respected, and connected to their peers, teachers, and the wider school community. With diverse experiences over the summer, and many students joining our community for the first time this year, the first few weeks are crucial in setting up positive connections that will support your child throughout the academic year.
“我們的關係是我們的力量” – 在STC,我們致力於這個價值觀。我們有意識地努力創造一個培育環境,在這個環境中學生們感到被重視、受尊敬,並與同學、教師和更廣泛的學校社區建立聯繫。經歷了一個多樣化的暑期體驗,以及許多學生今年首次加入我們的社區,頭幾個星期對於建立積極的聯繫,支持您的孩子度過整個學年至關重要。

Parents play a crucial role in helping your child reconnect at the start of the year. Here are three ways we can support them:

1. Encourage Joining Activities: Encourage your child to explore extracurricular clubs and activities that align with their interests. This will allow them to connect with like-minded peers and develop new friendships. It’s also a great way to find new interests and learn more about themselves.

2. Attend School Events: The information being shared is only one part of the picture – school events present ways for parents to build relationships, which in turn helps students connect positively with the school. Building a strong parent-teacher partnership contributes to your child’s well-being and academic success.
參加學校活動:分享的信息只是一個方面 – 學校活動為家長提供了建立關係的機會,這反過來有助於學生積極地與學校建立聯繫。建立強大的家長和教師合作關係有助於您的孩子的幸福和學業成功。

3. Foster Communication: Engage in open and meaningful conversations with your child about their school experiences. By actively listening and providing support, you create a safe space for them to share their thoughts, concerns, and triumphs.

We hope we are providing many opportunities for you as parents to connect with us as well! You should receive communication directly from your child’s Head of Year and Tutor – these are two key members of staff in your child’s school life. We also look forward to meeting many of you during the Wellbeing sessions in the upcoming Back to School Nights for Middle and Senior school.
我們希望我們為您作為家長提供了許多與我們聯繫的機會!您將直接收到您孩子的年級主任和導師的溝通 – 這兩個職員是您孩子學校生活中的重要成員。我們也期待在即將舉行的中學和高中返校之夜的幸福感課程中與您們許多人見面。