3 Oct 2015

Swimming Gala 2015

The announcement of Sha Tin College’s annual Swimming Gala, one of the most illustrious events of the year, sparked a thrill of excitement amongst the students. Each year, the event is held at the Ma On Shan Swimming Pool, and this year’s was held on the 24th of September, lasting most of the morning.

On the day of the Swimming Gala, the four houses, Griffin, Phoenix, Pegasus and Dragon were spread out on the stands in their house colours, all eager for a good competition. Spirits were high as the students enthusiastically cheered their houses through every race.


Photo: Joshua Lee

One of the records broken was the Year 9 Griffin girls Freestyle Relay, with a new time of 2 minutes 19 seconds. “I felt really proud that we broke the record,” said Chor Ki Chan of 9G2, who broke that particular race’s record. “I felt like all my previous training and tough times I’d been through was worth it for this moment.”

For the Year 7s, Swimming Gala was a wild new experience, being the first whole school event in the school year. “Swimming Gala was really fun,” said Benjamin Tandy Ortega of 7P1. “I took part in the swimming and was nervous at first, but exhilarated when I finished.” Another Year 7 student, Tiana Ahuja from 7G2, said she “really enjoyed Swimming Gala. It was tiring but I had a good time because everybody could join in and have fun together. This was the first Swimming Gala I’ve been to and I Ioved the house spirit that everyone showed.”


Photo: Anson Tong

Ms He, a Chinese teacher new to the school, was also kind enough to share her feelings about her first swimming gala at STC. “Swimming Gala was amazing, and I especially enjoyed cheerleading,” she said. “The atmosphere was great, because everyone was so energetic and spirited. I think the day was really fun because Swimming Gala was a new thing for me. The previous school I taught at didn’t have a Swimming Gala.”

The winners of the 2015 Swimming Gala were Phoenix, who also won the Spirit Cup. Dragon came close second, followed by Griffin and Pegasus.

Many thanks to the teachers and student leaders for organising the event!


Emily Wong 9G2
Junior Media Team