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Food for Thought

Food For Thought Logo

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Hong Kong are living in poverty? That’s 1.3 million people, struggling day after day to find scrape together food, shelter, and clothing from their meagre income of 3,800 HKD or less per month. And if that’s not enough food for thought, did you know food constitutes one-third of all solid waste in Hong Kong? To us, it seemed ridiculous that Hong Kong, so famous its prosperity and efficiency, could produce such a massive amount of food waste, while at the same time, have so many of its citizens face food shortage on a daily basis . And so, we decided to try make a difference.

Food For Thought is a student-founded, student-led charity organization with the aim of raising funds and awareness to fight food shortage, wastage, and poverty in Hong Kong.  

We are partnered with Food Angels, a local charity with similar aims and ideals. To further collaboration between the two organizations, we liaise with a Food Angel representative on a regular basis. Additionally, we have organized several visits – and are planning more! – to Food Angel facilities to participate in volunteer programs, not only as a show of support, but to enhance our understanding and knowledge of food shortage and wastage in our society. 


Throughout the year, we organised a wide variety of fundraising events both large and small: our host of events started with the running of a food stall at the annual School Fair, and culminated on the 15th of April with our main event of the year – The Soundtrack.

The Soundtrack was a 2-hour concert held at Sha Tin College that featured an array of extremely talented singers and bands from all year groups, and performances of all genres, ranging from indie to pop, J-pop to rock. With a great turnout of over a hundred, The Soundtrack managed to raise a staggering amount of money, taking the amount raised by the organisation beyond the $10,000 mark! All the profits go to Food Angels, where it will be used to tackle the wasteful practices of large food chains, and more directly, to fund the distribution of warm meals to those in need.


Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and made all this possible!

The Food For Thought Team

Hope in Our Soap

Hope in Our Soap is a student-led project built on a mentality of resourcefulness and tackling global problems at their source – a mentality we value greatly and strive to nurture in the people around us. We began with and continue to pursue two missions; to reuse waste and to contribute to the fulfilment of proper sanitation to people in need. Though hygiene seems basic, it is unmistakably essential and it is alarming just how much bare room for improvement exists for it in our world today. Simply with good hygiene and sanitation, the risk of infection and disease can be dramatically minimized – a truism so relevant in a time where endemics propagate through our headlines.

Since our establishment in the fall of 2014, our team of six has raised money in exciting, creative ways to go towards charity: water as well as fund our current promising pursuit to turn waste cooking oil (that would have otherwise gone to clog a drain or two) into safe, quality soap.

Fundraising tactics thus far:

    • We have made our own creative normal soaps to sell and raise money *flashback to the lollipops and pretty designs*
    • Amazing game stall of chucking soap at germs – the literal metaphor is strong

To-dos before the end of the academic year:

    • Donate $4000 to charity: water
    • Donate used cooking oil soap to Soap Cycling – who redistributes soap within Asia to communities in need

Hios Group

Rein Beau

Since fall 2014, we have immersed ourselves in a variety of activities in order to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. In November, we participated in the annual pride parade in Hong Kong. The colour for 2014 was orange, symbolising non-conformity, freshness and uniqueness. Over 8,900 people participated in this event, hoping to raise awareness and improve the laws and regulations to stop discrimination.


Furthermore in December, three of our members had the opportunity to participate in the Asia 2014 LGBT Leadership summit. The summit became a source of motivation as business leaders discussed the importance of LGBTQ+ support in the workforce. This reflects our own mission statement to support members of our community. Lastly, we have also taught in Year 10 GTS lessons to educate and inform them about matters regarding sexuality and gender identity.

We hope to accomplish more in this academic year and make a greater impact in our community!