Environmental Council

The Environmental Council spearheads environmental initiatives throughout STC and cultivates student engagement on wide-ranging topics such as biodiversity and water conservation. This year, the council is led by Solomon Lam (11D1).

Building on the foundations of past groups such as Encon and the namesake environmental council, the new environmental council has expanded recycling bins and composting, with plans to introduce several fundraisers and project expansions in the near future.

After collaborating with other ESF schools, we are also proud to release our initial future development goals, which can be accessed here.

We are proud to announce that all prior environmental groups have been reorganised into the new council to maximize efficiency, and we are proud to introduce members from all year groups. Recruitment policy and structuring have been improved, with 9 extremely talented and passionate students now comprising a leadership council, which will set overall direction for environmental action in Sha Tin College. There are also 8 deputies from younger years to ensure a smooth transition and continued environmental action. A special advisor has also been appointed.

From left to right:

Valerie Cheng (Head of communication), Kevin Do Cao (Head of public relations), Bryson Lo (Head of technical Support), Jin Jin Tang (Head of projects and action), Solomon Lam(Chairperson), Yin Wai Kwong (Director), Ryan Lee (Special advisor), Hilton Chan (Head of research), Crystal Tang (Head of human resources), Jason Lo (Head of finance)

The Environmental Council can be found on instagram here. The facebook page is currently being developed. The Environmental Council will also ensure transparency, releasing summative editorials monthly, for which the September issue can be found here. The Council will also release leadership council agendas and minutes from half term onwards.

The individual department photos can be found below:




Human Resources

Public Relations


Technology Support

I am proud to lead a group of students from all years who share my passion to explore environmental issues and devote their time to developing solutions for Sha Tin College and Hong Kong. Their passion and abilities has inspired me to work harder, and ensure that with this new transition we begin a new phase of progress!

-Solomon Lam, 11D1, Chairperson