Student Leaders

At Sha Tin College, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Student Leader; Student Leaders are both role models and a student support system for younger members of their house. All go through a rigorous application process and mandatory training to ensure that they are capable of leading their houses.

A variety of different Student Leader roles exist: two Head of Houses, two Deputies, eight Heads of CASE (two for each), and six for Support and Guidance.

Student Leaders work in conjunction with teaching staff to encourage students to take part in house activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and competition in their daily school life.


First row – Vinci Cheung, Isabella Young, Georgina Leung, Mimi Ng

Second row – Kristy Lam, Hannah Riveria, Rachel Yue, Maisy Wan, Aidan Tang

Third row – Christine Wong, Vanessa Ng, Vinson Li, Inez Tandy Ortega

Fourth row – Sirius Yeung, Sherman Chan, Naton Ting, Sophia Rode – Christoffersen



First row – Jacqueline Ng, Tiffany Yu, Mira Samtani, Jess Yung

Second row – Sanjali Ahuja, Angel Wong, Emily Wong, Rachel Fan, Jin Jin Tang

Third row – Jacqueline Pan, Jasmine Leung, Zanna Buckland, Selin Cheung, Janice Cheung

Fourth row – Hok Nam Ko, Yee Hang Lau, Enrico Contreras, Julian Tong



First row – Elton Lam, Mark Cheung

Second row – Ryan Reese, Dexter Cheung

Third row – Man Kiu Cheng, Yoyo Lee, Victoria Drave, Mimi Lam, Yanni Ng

Fourth row – Veena Satheesh, Christy Pang, Tiffany Chan, Emily Jim

Fifth row – Chloe Barlafante Wong, Ellen Thomas, Ingrid Lee, Tiffany Chu



First row – Hilary Kuok, Jesse Ng, Valerie Cheng, Charmaine Yuen

Second row – Rafaela Chan, Kyris Lam, Jaime Chan, Queenie Wong, Ka Wing Cheung

Third row – Priscilla Fung, Lettie Suen, Cara Tse, Athena Li, Jasmine Wang

Fourth row – George Su, Zachary Seet, Alex Man, Charles Cheng