Student Leaders

At Sha Tin College, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Student Leader; Student Leaders are both role models and a student support system for younger members of their house. All go through a rigorous application process and mandatory training to ensure that they are capable of leading their houses.

A variety of different Student Leader roles exist: two Head of Houses, two Deputies, eight Heads of CASE (two for each), and six for Support and Guidance.

Student Leaders work in conjunction with teaching staff to encourage students to take part in house activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and competition in their daily school life.


Back row – Elliot Wong, Edan Chung, Annabelle Loh, Oscar Lee, Justin Fu, Adrian Lau

Second row – Job Lee, Vivian Yu, Jasmine Lee, Naomi Cheung, Vivian Chan, Edith Lee

Front row – Rachel Chan, Ashley Lor, Kate Tang, Kristy Chiu, Cherry Ng, Kristie Chan 



Back row – Tiana Ahuja, Abigail Yau, Annelise Wong, Ryan Orr, Jasmine Yu, Jeffrey Chan

Middle row – Jenny Zhou, Bethany Wan, Andrea Chow, Elysia Tsang, Charlotte Lo, Bernard Chan

Front row – Brian Ma, Oliver Randall, Nathan Hui, Payton Fok, Aran Gain, Antony Yip



Back row – Ivan Lam, Meryl Lam, Talia Yeung, Danielle Wong, Hillary Lo, Alton Ho

Middle row – Kwok Yin Liu, Candice Lam, Lucy Mok, Ashley Lai, Nicole Reese

Front row – Matthew Mak, Benjamin Tandy Ortega, Ching Ho Hung, Spencer Cheung, Eunice Dingcong, Isla Wong, Audrey Lo



Back row – Evan Yang, Amaris Chan, Andrew Ko, Stephanie Chong, Elliot Chow, Haike Liu

Middle row – Nicole Leung, Jasmyn Wong, Sophia Zhang, Abby Tang, Lia Kim, Victoria Wong

Front row – Bethany Yeung, Karyn Lo, Meredith Lim, Nikky Liu, Charmaine Lee, Krissy Yip