Student Leaders

At Sha Tin College, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Student Leader; Student Leaders are both role models and a student support system for younger members of their house. All go through a rigorous application process and mandatory training to ensure that they are capable of leading their houses.

A variety of different Student Leader roles exist: two Head of Houses, two Deputies, eight Heads of CASE (two for each), and six for Support and Guidance.

Student Leaders work in conjunction with teaching staff to encourage students to take part in house activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and competition in their daily school life.


Back row – Seb Tsun, Sherman Ng

Fourth row – Ryan Chan, Jonathan Zein, Marcus Tam, Jay Sonar

Third row – Angus Chan, Tanaya Wagh, Bobo Chan

Second Row – Carliss Ling, Denise Tsoi, Emma Chan

Front row – Claire Jung, Ingrid Lai, Sharon Lee, Bonnie Ng, Natalie Ma, Sabrina Yu



Back row – Davis Li, Jonathan Chan, Clement O’Young, Yoshi Tada

Third row – Sherman Chau, Dave Su

Second row – Brian Li, Valerie Ho, Sabrina Chow, June Lee, Walter Lam

Front row – Vincent Tang, Ka Yin Au, Leeann Tong, Rachel Tang, Lina You, Matina Liu, Matthew Ng


Back row – Owen Ford, Ben Gregory

Third row – Harry Swift, John Ho, Edwin Chow, Jing Chen Fok

Second row – Sophie Blakemore, Crystal Ma, Alliss Chan, Rachel Atter, Chantal Eden

Front row – Cheriol Leung, Michelle Chow, Hitoe Nakamura, Rachel Sham, Sammie Lam, Katrina Fenton, Cherry Wong


Back row – Carol Lin, Rachel Tong

Fourth row – Michelle Chen, Megan Lee, Alex Chan, Dominic Chan, Jeremy Lai

Third row – Man Lam Cheng, Rachel Sung, Martha Chow, Wind Yuen

Second row – Hitomi Nakamura, Dorothy Chen, Eunice Ng, Sophia Poon

Front row – Samantha Lam, Ashlyn Chau, Wing Laam Ng