5 Sep 2019

Student Health Service 2019/2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Student Health Service Department of Health Office is now conducting its annual enrolment exercise for all primary and secondary students for 2019/2020.  They invite all children to participate.

Please check the letter, application form and related notes that we sent home with your child. I have attached copies. Additionally, I am enclosing the link to the government’s website on Student Health Services with further information.

Please complete all applications (regardless of intent to participate) and return these before Friday 20th September 2019.

  • Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 need to drop the forms off in the Middle School Office with Ms. Doris Tsoi doris.tsoi@shatincollege.edu.hk  in Room 237.
  • Students in Years 10 – 11 need to drop the forms off in the Senior School Office with Ms Tasha Lau tasha.lau@shatincollege.edu.hk .
  • Students in Years 12 – 13 need to drop the forms off in the Senior School Office with Ms Julie Slater slaterj1@stconline.edu.hk on the fifth floor of the new building, H block.

Families interested in participating will receive follow-up information and an appointment date and time.  Those not interested in the programme need not participate; however, need to fill out the section on the application form indicating ‘No participation’ and return it to the respective school section office.

Please feel free to contact Sha Tin Student Health Service Centre at 2693 5330 if you have questions or need further information.  Additionally, please contact the relevant Section Administrator, via email or phone, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process.

Thank you, in advance, for taking time to read this letter and for returning the application.


Warm regards,

Evie Tsao
Sha Tin College Nurse



Student Health Service – Notes for Parents or Guardians

Application & Consent Form for Student Health Service 2019-2020