14 Nov 2017


A flip of the switch and the light flickers on; a turn of the handle and the air conditioner roars to motion. Often mindlessly, we take our resources for granted, seldom pausing to think if our energy consumptions are necessary.

Inspired by his desire to make a difference to Sha Tin College’s carbon footprint, Michael Wong of 13X1 was determined to combat energy waste in the school. “My first involvement in environmental conservation was when I joined my friend in her project to reduce food waste through running a business selling eco-friendly products,” he explains. By setting up his very own team, the STC Environmental Conservation, Michael strived to “expand [his] mindset to the vision of STC.”

His drive also stemmed from his long-held desire to change the school’s energy-wasting culture. “The crux of the problem,” he believes, “is that there’s not enough incentives nor easy solutions presented towards students for environmental conservation.”Although mainly targeted to improve the energy consuming habits in Sha Tin College, Michael’s vision spans beyond the present; the STC En-Con strives to not only implement tangible change within the STC community, but also to eventually provide students an “awareness upon issues which will hugely impact environmental conservation.

So far, the STC En-Con has laid the foundations of their project, with team members contacting professionals, exploring their existing limitations, and measuring STC’s electricity equipment. By creating a website of their own, as well as a Facebook page, they hope to spread awareness on energy efficiency. To find out more about current progress, visit them at at stc-encon.weebly.com or www.facebook.com/stc.encon for constant updates.

Michael lives by the quote: “The future depends on what we do in the present”; it inspires him to seek opportunities to improve and better his community. It’s safe to say that his efforts in both raising awareness about energy conservation and actively bringing about change accomplishes just that.

Jennifer Yu, 13G2