15 Dec 2017

Sports Day 2017

The fight for the house cup continued on 14th December during Sports day, the last inter-house event of the year. Held once again at the HKIED Sports Complex, Sports day showcased not only the talent of STC’s athletes both on track and field, but the enthusiasm students have towards their respective houses. The event, with its exciting races, energy-packed cheerleading routines, and consistent cheering from the stands, proved to be a fantastic conclusion to 2017.

In the spirit of the festive season, several school organizations also held fundraisers in support of an array of meaningful causes on the day. Habitat For Humanity was one of such organisations, running a small stall to keep students hydrated and well-fed. “It was a great success”, said Clement O’Young, project leader of the group, “thanks to the generosity of the student body, we managed to raise 5K to help provide safe shelter for people across the globe.”

2017’s Sports day was also a first for many, including our Y7 students, the newly appointed group of Y12 Student Leaders, and our new Principal. To Allan Lo of 7X2, the event ‘exceeded expectations’ and made him feel ‘proud to be part of the Phoenix house community’. Despite having participated in Sports Day throughout her time at STC, Bonnie Ng, Dragon’s Head of House, felt that being a Student Leader made the experience an ‘eye opener’.

“You won’t know how much hard work is required to organise events and cheerleading, nor experience the satisfaction and happiness from seeing your house unite with joy and laughter until you’ve been at the front of the stands leading and actively taking part.”

Ms Larkin was also moved and impressed by the effort students have put in both before and throughout the day on behalf of their house, commenting that she ‘loved to see students in different year levels and from different Houses supporting each other’. She also praised the student leaders for being ‘outstanding role models’ and ‘helping make the day go so well’.

“I have to say, I really enjoyed Sports Day. I thought it was held at an excellent time of year. We had had a long and exhausting term and it was wonderful to be able to take some time out as a community, to value spending time together, and to enjoy each others company. I also loved that everyone was so relaxed and most people, staff and students alike, spent the day smiling or laughing – just look at the photos from the day! All the participants gave their events their best shot and did their very best for their Houses.”

Although all four houses exhibited dedication, prowess, and passion, every competition must have winners. Congratulations to Phoenix for winning the spirit cup and Dragon for their overall win! As of December 15th, the scoreboard indicates that Phoenix is in the lead for the house cup, but the many house events lined up for the second and third term may change just that.

Martha Chow, 12X1

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