12 Apr 2024

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize – Irene Wang & Ray Sun


Congratulations to Irene Wang and Ray Sun, our Year 13 students, on their remarkable achievement of receiving the prestigious Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize.

Throughout their time at Sha Tin College, Irene and Ray have consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their studies, pushing the boundaries of their academic pursuits, and seizing every opportunity to actively engage in making a positive impact in the school community and fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Irene Wang is grateful for the nomination, recognition, and support. She thanks the Sha Tin College community for providing her with opportunities to discover her passions and pursue them both academically and non-academically. Irene expresses her commitment to seek opportunities for self-growth and to use her abilities to uplift the community moving forward.

Ray Sun shares that he is deeply honoured to receive the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize on behalf of STC. He would like to express his utmost gratitude for being nominated for this esteemed award. Ray is motivated to build on this recognition and strive for even greater achievements in the future.