7 May 2021

Senior School Booklist 2021 – 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

All IB students starting their programme in August 2021, are required to have the necessary textbooks and e-books for the IB subjects they have selected. A list of the essential textbooks and e-books for all subjects is attached here

Textbook Purchases:

Students can click here and refer to Section A of the list to purchase the textbooks they need. It is highly recommended that the textbooks listed in section A are purchased at least 6 weeks before the start of the new academic year in August 2021. The College has no contractual arrangements with any book vendor and those mentioned below are for your reference only:

The booklist is also available on the websites of Pansing Distribution HK / Yorke Education.

It is recommended to check the price, title, ISBN number and availability before placing your order. Please liaise directly with the vendor if any purchase or delivery issues arise.

E-book Purchases:

The College has arranged a special full access subscription for purchasing the Kognity e-books listed in Section B. Please log on to Gateway (click here) using the parent login and password to complete the e-Notice for the Kognity e-book subscription before 31 May, 2021 to avoid unnecessary delay. An important point to note, regardless of subject choice all parents will need to login to the e-Notice and if no purchase is necessary, please click not applicable.

For any enquiry about the textbooks, please do not hesitate to contact the subject teacher. If you have any further questions,  please contact resource@shatincollege.edu.hk

Kind regards,

Kathryn Reed

Senior Leader – Learning Technologies & Systems