16 Jan 2017

Seeking Success Step by Step

STC’s Lower School Emperor Penguin Awards party took place on 8th December 2016. Teachers and students of the Lower School came together to celebrate students who had demonstrated excellent team spirit and kindness within the school community.

Out of 130 nominations made by both students and teachers, the following students won the award for their outstanding performances:

  • Piper Hubbard and Zoe Ong, 7D1
  • Gina Lee and Suri Lau, 7D2
  • Penelope Poon and Connor Coventry, 7G1
  • Anise Wong and Karen Lau, 7G2
  • Andre Chow, Sophia Leung and Stephanie Ip, 7P2
  • Tanash Mukhopadhyay and Anneke Yu, 7X1
  • Hayden So, Masato Takeshita, Kiran Balasundaramkuppuraj, Gabriel Yu and Zoe Ying, 7X2
  • Adrian Lau, 8D1
  • William Huang, 8G1
  • Cyndi Chang, Quincy Leung, Charmaine Lee, Sophia Zhang and Vania Chow, 8X1
  • Sophia Li, 8X2

Emperor Penguins tuck into their well deserved meal!

The ‘Emperor Penguins’ were treated to a pizza party lunch in acknowledgement of their achievement. Each Emperor Penguin was awarded with a certificate and a White House voucher, presented by Ms Purves, Mrs Rowlands, and Mr Morris.

Congratulations to the Emperor Penguins! We hope that they continue to contribute to our school community and remain good examples to the students in our school.

Hazel Leung, 12G2 with edits from Leeann Tong, 11G1