11 Dec 2017

School Uniform Policy

Dear Parents and Students

As the weather is becoming gradually cooler, this seems a logical time to share with you the choices we have on offer to make sure all students are well catered for during autumn and winter.

The uniform policies are outlined on our school website. Please see the links below:

Here is the link to the STC uniform policy:


Female winter uniform items for Y7- Y11:


Male winter uniform items for Y7-Y11:


You will see that we have school fleeces, cardigans and wind breakers as options in the uniform shop, too. Like you, we want students to feel warm, comfortable and ready for all types of learning. If students are part of a school team and they have a hoodie specifically designed for this team, then they are permitted to wear this as long as it is navy blue in colour. Students in the STC MUN team are permitted to wear their STC black, MUN hoodies. Hoodies of any other colour or description are not permitted.

We appreciate that, on very inclement days, students may need to wear outer garments, like coats and jackets, to and from school, for added protection.  Our expectation is that these are navy blue or black, as far as possible.  When the Cold Weather Warning is hoisted, then students may also also wear hats, gloves and scarves for travel.

If you have any questions about uniform availability, please contact our PTSA representative, Ms Mercy Hsieh (Telephone: 26079110. Email: hsiehp1@stconline.edu.hk). If you would like to ask questions about our uniform and/or dress code, please direct these to relevant Tutors or Heads of Year.

Thank you for  your continuing support and understanding.

With best wishes,

Ms  Lucie Purves                                                        Mr Lee O’Leary                                                        Head of Lower School                                                 Head of Middle School