6 Feb 2018

School Uniform Policy

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are writing to provide you with our updated school uniform policy. Please see the attached document for full details.

Please note the main updates:

Point 7: Students should not wear earphones when walking around school. This is dangerous.

Point 8: Students are, of course, permitted to wear outer garments such as coats, jackets and scarves in cold weather. Jackets/coats/scarves/hats should be a dark colour, preferably navy blue or black. Outer garments should be removed during lessons unless the cold weather warning is in place.

Point 9: We permit the wearing of particular items of religious clothing or jewellery but approval needs to be requested by the student/parents from the Head of Section.

Students are permitted to wear P.E. or Drama kit to and/or from school if they have these lessons Periods 1 or 5. If students decide to do this they must ensure that their uniform is packed carefully so that it is presentable when they change into it for period 2.

There is additional guidance on appropriate uniform during examinations. We also a section on the sanctions for wearing incorrect uniform or not adhering to our uniform policy.

Finally, please be reminded that students are not permitted to bring anything to school that resembles or could be considered a ‘weapon’. Such an item could be in the form of a 3D printed knife, a hand-made weapon or a weapon marketed as a ‘toy’. We have not had a significant problem with this, but we want to be explicit in our communication about school policy. Parents and students are also reminded that Sha Tin College is a no-smoking area, and this means all forms of smoking devices, including e-cigarettes. Again, this is not a common occurrence at the school but we want to be very clear with everyone.

If you have any questions about this, or any policy, please contact the relevant Head of Section.

Kind regards

Lucie Purves Lee O’Leary Jane Parry
Head of Lower School Head of Middle School Head of Senior School


Sha Tin College Uniform Policy