21 Mar 2022


Renaissance College hosted the 7th annual RENMUN with the theme ‘Peace in Permanence’. Although the conference was anticipated to be in person, it was shifted online due to social distancing. However, it was still an unforgettable experience. The Sha Tin College Model United Nations club has recently accepted many new delegates, meaning that this was their first taste of a real MUN conference.


The MUN leadership team also had two of their Deputy Head Delegates chair in this conference. Kadence Wong (12D2) chaired for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Michelle Geng (12P2) for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 


“RENMUN VII is only the third time that I chaired a MUN,” Kadence recounts, “but it definitely wasn’t an intimidating experience.” She mentions that her and her co-chair “had lots of fun with the delegates; cracking jokes and switching their Zoom backgrounds to cute cat photos.” Throughout the conference, she was also consistently impressed by the quality of debate, even struggling to choose which delegates to give the awards to! 

Notably, I’ve attended this conference every single year since the beginning of my MUN journey. I co-chaired the UNHCR committee with Anston, a student from Dioscean Boys School. The two days of the conference were full of speeches, POis, banter, and debate. Labeled as a beginner council, the UNHCR was home to many first-time delegates. However, we watched delegates shift from being extremely nervous and quiet on the first day, to becoming excited to participate on the second. I really hope the delegates learnt a lot from this experience and got to meet the diverse and welcoming MUN community. 


Writer: Michelle Geng

Editor: Georgiana Watt