31 May 2019

Remark and Retake Application 2019

Dear Y13 Students, Parents and Guardians,

The IB examinations finished on 24th May 2019 and it is the time to remind you about the post-result arrangements.

Students were notified of their Candidate Personal Identification Number (PIN) back in March. With this, students are able to access their results online. If this sheet has been misplaced or lost, please contact Ms. Wan immediately.

Following the publication of examination results, should you wish to submit an application for a remark (officially called an Enquiry Upon Results), you must contact Ms. Wan by e-mail or in person in Room 117. The EUR application form is attached for your reference.

For remark (EUR) applications, please note the following:

  • For remarked scripts, grades can go up or down
  • No EUR can be made until the required fee has been paid
  • You may wish to wait until component scores are sent to candidates on 12th July 2019 before making a decision about an EUR application
  • The deadline for remarks (EUR applications) is 11th September 2019.

Should you wish to retake any IB examinations in November 2019, you must contact Ms. Wan.  The retake application form is attached for your reference. The deadline for retake entries is 26th July 2019. After this date, the higher fees will be applied. Full IB examination fees must be paid on registration.

Kind regards,

Iris Wan                                                               Paul Hoang
Examinations Manager                                        Vice Principal



Retake Application Form

Remark Application Form