25 Oct 2019

Relationships and Sexuality (RSE) Lessons

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My purpose in writing is to inform you that the Year 12 students will all be participating in Relationship and Sexuality (RSE) lessons, starting early November. These will occur in the weekly GTS lessons and be taught by a team of committed, knowledgeable staff.

RSE is a core element of student wellbeing and holistic development which builds knowledge, skills and behaviours to empower young people to make positive, safe and responsible choices. RSE focuses on respect for oneself, and others. It combines the biological, social and emotional aspects of sexuality education. These help create a positive social climate, one which is open and inclusive.

Six lessons have been planned of approximately 60 minutes. Students will have one each fortnight.  Lessons will be underpinned by a focus on strong, positive, empathetic relationships, and topics will include: personal identity, diversity, rights and responsibilities, safety, self-esteem, loving relationships and friendships, contraception, effective communication and decision-making. We want all students to feel confident to participate in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

If you have any questions about RSE in Year 12, please feel free to contact me. My colleagues and I are looking forward to engaging with our students on these important topics.

Warm wishes,

Christine Rowlands
Vice Principal