24 Nov 2020

Regeneration: Inspire and Recreate

The annual school production has always remained one of Sha Tin College’s most anticipated events and served as an opportunity for individuals to showcase their talent and creative powers. Unfortunately, in light of this year’s social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disappointment was brought with the cancellation of the annual school production in its usual form. However, with the announcement of Regeneration, an inter-house competition designed as an alternative to the stage performance, the spirits of a vast majority were lifted.

Introduced by Mr. Harris in September, Regeneration involved the provision of five visual stimuli and participants were tasked to channel the inspiration received into their own piece of artwork. Students were given six weeks to complete their submission and the option of whether to enter individually or as a group. The competition amassed over 60 entries, proving to be welcomed by many who embraced their artistic liberties as well as House spirit.

“[The aim was] to give students an art focus, or outlet because we normally do this at this time of the year,” explained Mr. Harris, “for example through a musical or theatrical production”. Rather than the competition criteria being one that devoted its attention to the final product, Mr. Harris emphasised how process and development were equally important. “I’m keen to promote an understanding of creative processes,” he revealed, “[that is why] in the competition they have to submit their work, but also some writing to go alongside it. The writing is valued, in terms of points, the same amount.”

The effort of the teachers was also mirrored by the enthusiasm of the students; many saw this experience as cathartic after the isolation of distance learning for more than half a year. Excitement facing the competition was not limited to a certain year group either, as students in the senior years recognised this as a break from the rigorous IB Diploma course.

A group participant in the Film category, Ashley Lai of 12P2 expressed that “[her and her group members’] creativity blossomed when given a platform for collaboration with others.” When asked how she felt about the competition, she deemed it to be a “thoroughly enjoyable experience”.

The competition would not have been as successful without the direction and support of the Student Leaders. To ensure the participants were assisted along their creative journey not only by staff alone, the organising teachers enlisted the Year 13 Student Leaders from each house and gave them the responsibility of monitoring the students’ progress. With the encouragement of the Student Leaders, the amalgamation of house spirit and imagination was transformed into the finished products that the students took pride in.

“As a SL, my role is to cheer on the students as the Regeneration competition is a 6-week long process, many students may lose interest,” commented Pegasus’ Deputy Head of House, Abby Lam (13P2). She also added that “all the [Student Leaders] helped encourage and motivate students to persevere and fulfil the potential of their creativity.”

Well done to the students and teachers who took part in the Regeneration competition, and the STC community will look forward to seeing the compilation of the remarkable entries!

By Hillary Lo (12P2)

Copy edited by Jeffrey Chan (12G1)