14 Nov 2016

Post 16 Options Process

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The options form is now open in Gateway for your son/daughter to make their subject choices for the coming academic year. In order to do this they need to login to Gateway and access student options (click the icon on the home page). They need to follow the on screen instructions closely as they have been setup to guide you through selecting a valid course for the IB Diploma Programme. Once the selections have been made you will need to login as a parent and confirm these choices.
If your son/daughter is interested in studying the Careers Programme (CP) they will need to make their course selections as normal and then follow this up with an email to Mr Hoang (hoangp1@stconline.edu.hk). He will then make contact with them to arrange the next steps.

All students have a hard copy of the curriculum handbook. A pdf version is also available on the school website at https://shatincollege.edu.hk/curriculum-handbooks/.

Please note that our school timetable will be built around these choices, as it is important to us to create a new student-driven timetable each year. This has two main implications the first of which is that students are not guaranteed their first choice of subjects. Although we do everything we can to accommodate student choice, this is not always possible and, if this is the case, the Head of Year will work with students to re-select subjects. Secondly, if changes are requested after the timetable has been set we can only accommodate them if there is space in the class and it fits within our school structure.
In order to assist the students in their IB choices all Year 11 students can freely access the online results of their Morrisby Assessment. We have emphasized with the students on a number of occasions that the results from this, and other tools we use, are not to be considered conclusive in any way. The purpose of the assessment, and its attached report, and feedback from other tools we utilise are to open up and stimulate discussions about future study options and possible career pathways. We have found it to be very useful in helping students make informed decisions about their future.
We hope that both you and your son/ daughter have been able to reflect on the discussions concerning individual progress in academic subjects that took place during Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 9th November.
We hope that this consultation period will lead to informed and confident decision making and stimulate discussions between students, their parents and teachers.
Kind regards

Sian May                                                                            Debbie Hanley
Head of Middle School                                                      Head of Year 11