15 Feb 2015

Phoenix’s Environmental Action Project

Phoenix’s EAG project ran this year from the 2nd to 13th of February. The focus and aim was to reduce the use of single-use disposable plastics and promote recycling in school. Phoenix House ran several environmental schemes and interhouse competitions over the course of two weeks in order to get the entire school community involved. During the two weeks, it was negotiated with the cafeteria that to reduce plastic waste, plates could be used for salad instead of single-use bowls. Facts about plastics, including worldwide wastage, their production, etc., were posted on the bulletin every day as part of the ‘A-Fact-A-Day’ scheme. Collection sites for plastic cutlery were set up near ground floor eating areas, and this audit of sorts worked to encourage people to use metal cutlery after seeing the astounding amount accumulated each day.

IMG_2248 (1)


9X learning how to recycle!

Though these schemes were very successful, the highlight of the project was definitely the inter-house competitions. The first was a poster designing competition where winners would have their posters promoting plastics recycling and waste reduction put up around school. The second was for each house to come up with the best long-term plan for recycling and reducing plastics waste school-wide. The idea was that the environmental council would then be able to collaborate with the student council in hopes of actually implementing the winning plan to help reduce STC’s waste output. The final competition involved each student in every house collecting recyclable plastics for the project’s final ‘Plasketball’ event, where students from each house shot their collection of plastics into a goal for points. The turnout was great and the atmosphere lively; everybody had a great time and by the end we had collected four large rubbish bags of recyclable plastics!



‘Plasketball’ in action!

This EAG project was a learning and enjoyable experience, and by involving the entire school community during these two weeks, Phoenix achieved our goal of raising awareness of the issue of plastics waste and what we can do as a school to be more environmentally friendly.



Remember to thank the Year 12 Phoenix student leaders!

Vivian Chung 12X1