19 Feb 2021

Official Farewell Statement ENCON

After four long years, it is with mixed emotions that I now hand over the reins to a new generation. Chief among them are pride in the work we have done, lament at the opportunities missed and hope in the next generation of leaders. I like to think that just as I have learnt, so too has the council developed from its humble beginnings into a structured and disciplined organisation. Throughout my time leading the council, I have been privileged to unique opportunities that have developed me and advanced our school’s sustainability, and it is my hope that the council, true to its spirit, will continue to enrich its ranks with the skills and qualities that Sha Tin College is known for: commitment, leadership, initiative, compassion and knowledgeability. With the foundation laid, I have hope that the coming years will hold success greater than what I had the honour of overseeing, and just perhaps, these four years will be remembered not just for what was achieved, but for what it allowed to come afterwards. I wish to take this final opportunity to thank the community for your support, which has both humbled and inspired me throughout this journey, and I hope you will join me in rallying behind the new leadership team composed of Hay, Sophia and Kadence.

Solomon Lam

Former Chairperson of the Environmental Council