26 Nov 2017


20% of students experience bullying at least once in high school, yet despite this, bullying still persists, and is prevalent in many secondary schools on a global scale. Realising that the crux of solving this issue lies not within this shocking statistic but instead within change, the Student Council launched their very own ‘Anti-bullying Campaign’, hoping to spread a message of kindness.

The Student Council School Fair Stall.

Alongside the commotion of the school fair, the Council SIP Subcommittee (Student Internship Programme) has been working unwaveringly, liaising with the School Counsellor, and discussing the logistics needed for this official platform. In hopes to establish a tangible connection between STC alumni and the student body, a few Council members of the SIP Subcommittee partnered with the newly founded “STC Alumni Association” – founded by Mark Li (an alumna that graduated as the Class of 2008) and chaired by Martha Chow (12X1). In collaboration with the STC Alumni Association, the Council has been working to expand an alumni contact database for future use to reach out to ex-students in offering internship opportunities. Discussions concerning the mechanisms of the programme are still taking place.

The Student Council’s October/November update made by Martha Chow (Student Council General Cabinet Chief of Communication).

It’s that time of the year again; election season is approaching! Due to the construction work which is currently taking place around the school, the Council has yet to finalise the venue for this occasion. Safety regulations and the candidate needs have to be taken into deep consideration, but the Council ensures that feasibility and comfort of students will be prioritised in the makings of this decision.

Jennifer Yu, 13G2