14 Dec 2023

Nurturing Wellbeing During the December Break 2023

Three Ways to Flourish Beyond Celebrations


As we approach the much-anticipated December break, it’s essential to embrace the spirit of wellbeing and foster a sense of connection, growth, and mindfulness. Though we do not all celebrate the same holidays, we can all “Take Notice,” “Keep Learning,” and “Connect.” 期待已久的十二月假期來臨在即,重視幸福感並培養聯系、成長和正念的精神至關重要。雖然我們並不都慶祝同樣的節日,但我們都可以“留意”、“不斷學習”和“聯系”

1. Take Notice留意:
Slow down and appreciate the present moment, fostering a sense of gratitude and mindfulness. 放慢腳步,欣賞當下,培養感恩和正念的意識。
– Daily gratitude journaling: Jot down three things they are grateful for each day. 每日寫感恩日記:每天寫下三件值得感激的事情。
– Nature walks: Explore Hong Kong’s beautiful parks and trails as a family, taking notice of the beauty of your surroundings. 漫步大自然:與家人一起探索香港美麗的公園和步道,留意周圍環境的優麗。
– Meditation or deep breathing exercises: Many apps and online resources offer guided meditations or breathing exercises to help find inner calm and clarity. 冥想或深呼吸練習:許多應用程式和線上資源都提供引導冥想或呼吸練習,幫助找到內心的平靜和清明。

2. Keep Learning 不斷學習:
The break presents a wonderful opportunity for continuous growth and learning. Reading: Encourage your child to explore genres they enjoy or suggest thought-provoking books that broaden their horizons. 假期提供了持續成長和學習的絕佳機會。閱讀:鼓勵孩子探索他們喜歡的文種,或者推薦有助拓寬他們視野和思考的書籍。
– Online courses or workshops: Research virtual platforms offering courses or workshops aligned with your child’s interests, from coding to creative writing. 在線課程或研討會:尋找與孩子興趣相關的虛擬平台,如編程、創意寫作等課程或研討會。
– Cultural exploration: Delve into different cultures through documentaries, movies, or trying new cuisines, fostering curiosity and understanding. 文化探索:通過紀錄片、電影或嘗試新的菜肴了解不同的文化,培養好奇心和理解力。

3. Connect 聯系:
Regardless of the holiday celebrated, fostering connections with loved ones and the community is essential. 不論慶祝哪個節日,與親人和社區建立聯系都是至關重要的。
– Acts of kindness: Volunteer as a family or engage in acts of kindness within the community. 善舉:以家人一起成為志願者參與或在社區內進行善舉。
– Family game nights: Plan regular game nights to strengthen family bonds and create cherished memories. 家庭遊戲之夜:定期安排家庭遊戲之夜,加強家庭紐帶,創造珍貴的回憶。
– Virtual hangouts: Facilitate virtual meet-ups with friends or family members who might be away, fostering a sense of togetherness despite physical distances. 虛擬聚會:促進與遠在他鄉的朋友或親人的虛擬聚會,盡管身處不同的地方,也能培養凝聚力。

The December break is a time for rejuvenation and wellbeing. We wish you and your family a joyful and fulfilling break, and look forward to seeing you in the new year! 十二月的假期是恢複活力和關注幸福感的時刻。祝願您和您的家人度過愉快充實的假期,並期待在新的一年裏見到您!