16 Jan 2019

Night Fair – Sustainability and Recycling Arrangements

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Both Sha Tin Junior and Sha Tin College consider the environment very important. We hope you do too.  A lot of waste is created from the Fair which usually goes in the refuse bins. We are therefore trying to make the Night Fair more environmentally friendly and sustainable. You can help us by:

  • Bringing your own recycling bags. We are also looking for donations of paper bags with handles and these will be given out free on the evening. Please leave your paper bags at reception before the Night Fair.
  • Bringing in your own cutlery if possible.  We will be renting out cutlery and bowls if you are eating at the Fair, as there will be no single-use plastic on site. Cutlery and bowl rental will be $10 per item which will be refundable. The rental area for cutlery and the bowl is opposite Chartwells.
  • Disposing of food waste, drinks cartons, dirty paper plates, paper cups, tissues in the Blue General waste bins as they cannot be recycled.
  • Using the recycling bins at the locations shown. There are bins for plastics, metal and clean plastics.
  • Making sure that family members and friends are recycling properly.

We hope to make a difference to the environment at this year’s STC and SJS Night Fair. Your help is much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Michael Chiu and Kimberly Ryou

STC Environment and Sustainability Coordinators