21 Feb 2019

Nepal Himalaya CAS Week Training: Fo Tan to Sai Kung Hikes

As part of this year’s CAS Week adventure there is a group of 26 students and 3 staff that will be heading to the magnificent Nepali Himalaya to scale some of the passes, peaks and trails touching close to 5000m of altitude as they head off on their 10 day adventure in September.

Himalayan Pass at 5000m


Being at altitude is very demanding, and trekking under these rugged conditions is tough-going, so it is important that the group is mountain ready. The preparations require the students to gel as a trekking team, check and test out equipment, and to achieve a level of fitness that will carry them through the trek.



So, each Thursday afternoon, until the week or so before the departure date arrives, this group of students are heading to Sai Kung. The hike takes the group on the Mau Ping Ancient Trail, after an approach along the Shin Mung River, across Twin Bridge and into the ancient villages and trails of the Ma On Shan Country Park.

Old villages and stone paths seen on the hike

The hike from Fo Tan to Sai Kung takes about 2.5 hrs and crosses the Machalose Trial at Mau Ping Plateau, where the group finds themselves in amongst ancient parts of the New Territories where evidence of a Hong Kong long past can still be seen.

If you are a member of our school community, student or staff and wish to join one of the hikes you are more than welcome, but check in with Ms Finnegan, Ms Berry or Mr Clarke with regards to transport arrangements home, organisation of your school bag and how best to deal with issues such as your home learning.

A big thanks to Ms Heap and Mr Ta for joining in and supporting the hikes on numerous occasions so far this term, and we look forward to seeing other students and staff each Thursday – leaving reception at 3:30pm……

Mr Clarke