31 Jan 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As you will be aware classes are currently suspended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. From Monday Feb 3rd therefore Sha Tin College will provide online teaching and learning.  Drawing on our experiences from the protest closure we are well prepared to commence online learning via Google Hangouts. We had also drawn up Online Learning Protocols recognising from our previous experience the importance of structured days for our students, the setting of a reasonable amount of work, and easy access to a supportive teacher.

We are also aware that this kind of learning environment can be isolating for students so attention to wellbeing is something we will be focusing on. Students can expect to hear further from Mrs Rowlands and our tutors and counsellors on this.

We are aware Parents/Guardians of Years 11, 12 and 13 students are especially concerned.  Ms. Kellie Fagan VP Curriculum will be communicating directly with parents of these year levels early next week to inform them of the rescheduling of orals and other Internal Assessment requirements following conversation with Faculty Heads. Attention to these year levels in particular is a priority and I want to give you every assurance that we will be doing everything we can to ensure courses are complete and that students are well prepared for their external examinations.

Please note the following:

1) Teachers will be using Google Hangouts to make contact with their students. This online platform allows for group contact and sharing of content. In the first instance we will be using this with Years 10-13. The platform will be rolled-out for Years 7-9 later this coming week. Teachers will make initial contact with their students and from then students will be able to access the Google Hangout through the link which has already been pre-populated in their calendar.

2) All students should expect to hear from teachers according to their timetable. Engagement from students will be critical and students should be prepared from Monday 3rd for such communications.

3) We recognise that some students may need to collect books and materials from school in order to be able to work effectively from home.  So that we do not contravene the EDB directive we can only allow a limited number of students on campus briefly at any one time. A link will be sent to students and will be available on the Student Bulletin from Monday to book an appointment. These appointments are being managed by our two Heads of Section, Mrs Parry and Ms Lashley. Students should not come into school without permission.

4) As I am sure you will expect we have also cancelled our STC/SJS Night Fair scheduled for Feb 7th. We will discuss in due course whether we can reschedule this event for later in the academic year.

5) Due to licensing regulations however we will need to hold the Night Fair Raffle as scheduled on Feb 7th. Further details later on how this will be done. In the meantime we are still 156 tickets down on a full return. If there are any tickets lying around at home or in the bottom of bags please drop them off at the Security Desk at the entrance to the College if you are able to.

6) As you will recall, applications for the Government Grant were due this week. EDB and ESF have extended the deadline to Feb 28th. I will let you know if this date changes further.

Going forward, I know from the many emails I have had from teachers over the holiday that they are committed to providing the very best experience for their students, albeit in these more challenging circumstances. In the spirit of feedback as a means of development me and my Senior Leadership Team encourage parents and students to contact us if they feel there is anything further that we can be doing to support our students.  Of course I will continue to keep in touch with you. In the meantime we look forward to working with our students in an online environment where they will hopefully feel as loved and supported as they do when they are with us on campus.

Kind regards,

Carol Larkin