16 Apr 2015

Meet the Media Team

Welcome to our new site! Apart from the redesign, we’ve added a brand new student media section. This new feature provides regular updates of events and happenings around the school from our media team.

The STC Media team is comprised of a dedicated group of students that aim to bring you the latest news and happenings around the school. We hope to give more publicity to the endless creativity and passion STC students have and showcase their talents, giving them a channel for their voices. Led by editors-in-chief Clement Cheung (12G2) and Julia Cheung (11G1), the team is composed of three main groups that work together to report on exciting events that happen around the school.

The journalists write and interview the people involved, led by the Lead Journalist Kelly Yu (12X2). The photographers document the events in high quality images, led by Lead Photographer Joshua Lee (12G2). Finally, the copy editors make sure the quality of each article is top notch, led by Lead Editor Henry Lui (11G2).