18 Feb 2016

Message From the Media Team

A year has passed since the debut of the Media Team in early 2015. Since its formation, our team has published over 60 articles and amassed over 40 gigabytes of text, photos, and video; thereby establishing itself as the leading online editorial team within the English Schools Foundation.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the original members of the Media Team for all the time and effort they have invested into laying down steady foundations for this platform: Mr Thornton and Mr Farrow, for setting up an exceptional website by working closely with ESF staff members and actively seeking input from students; Mrs May, for launching the Junior Media Team and hosting valuable training sessions for the students involved; Clement Cheung and Anita Carroll, for initiating its formation and organizing the endless procedures on a daily basis; Joshua Lee, former Lead Photographer, and Kelly Yu, former Lead Journalist, for always carrying out projects with great diligence.

Today, we are proud to announce the new core team that will be continuing this success. Replacing Clement Cheung and Anita Carroll as Editors-in-Chief are Henry Lui and Pallas Yiu.

Henry is currently the Editor-in-Chief of STC’s annual literary and art publication VOiCE, and a leading contributor to the South China Morning Post’s Young Post; having written over 100 articles for the paper since 2012. Formerly the Lead Copy-Editor of the team, Henry has been involved with the Media Team since day one of its operations. He is also highly experienced in the field of photography, and has contributed hundreds of images to the Media Team archive.

Pallas is currently the Head Literary Editor at VOiCE and has been deeply involved with the inner workings of the Media Team since its formation. She also has experience working at South China Morning Post’s Young Post, and has fully acquainted herself with the complexities of journalism.

Lead Journalist is Elena Jim, who is also a member of VOiCE’s literary team in which she reviews and edits submissions for publication. This year being her second contributing to the Media Team, she has considerable experience writing and reviewing articles.

Our new Lead Photographer is Anson Tong. Even with a year of experience in the Media Team, she can still be a little awkward at times, so she’ll usually ask you to pretend that she’s invisible when taking photographs to make you feel more comfortable.

Taking over the position of Lead Copy-Editor is Annie Loh. Though new to the team, she is highly experienced in the field of editing and adept at spotting any and all print errors.

This year, the Media Team aims to broaden the scope of its coverage to include focused reports on outstanding people within the STC community and some of the most successful student-led projects. As the site matures as a student-focused online media platform, we are also looking towards the inclusion of more video-based content, in addition to prose.

The Media Team will continue to commit itself to providing a professional learning environment for those who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism in the future.

Though its primary function is to generate content for the school site, the Media Team will continue to commit itself to providing a professional learning environment for those who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism in the future. We hope that our relationship with our contributors will be mutually beneficial.

We wish everyone a prosperous year of the Monkey.

The Media Team Editorial