16 Apr 2016

Masterchef Finals

Sha Tin College hosted the Masterchef finals, with Flora Chan of 12X2, and Charmaine Tin and Karen Chan both from 9D1, emerging as the winners. Flora Chan won the senior heats with her Eastern picnic, while in the Junior heats, Charmaine Tin and Karen Chan won with their dessert assortment.

This year, 26 students from Sha Tin College competed in the STC Masterchef in hopes of continuing through to the ESF Masterchef. These contestants were divided according to year groups; after three rounds of rigorous judging, they were down to the final nine contestants.

“It was very challenging at first, as there were many styles of cooking to choose from,” said Karen Chan, one of the winners of the Junior Heats. “Despite this, I am very happy with the outcome.”


Karen Chan and Charmaine Tin preparing their winning dish. Photo: Raadhee Gadhia

The contestants of the Senior heats were expected to create a dish under the theme of ‘The Great British Bake-off’. Contest competed in pairs for the Junior heats, and had to create a baked course following the theme of ‘Party/Crepes’. Contestants had four weeks, which included the Easter break, to buy their own ingredients and plan their recipes in preparation for this event.

“I was really nervous at first,” said Hilary Kuok from 9X2. “But I really think this competition strengthened the friendship between me and my partner, Cara Tse, and allowed us both to improve our cooking skills.”

From making pastries to desserts, these students did not disappoint the judges. Ms. Cottam and Ms. Reed judged the dishes, and both were highly impressed with the hard work and talent that was evident in each of the students’ creations.


Ms. Cottam and Ms. Reed carefully judging the dishes. Photo: Raahee Gadhia

“The results were extremely close and there was some excellent work done by everyone,” said Ms. Reeds “This year it was the closest it had ever been for the Junior and Senior heats!”

The much-awaited ESF Masterchef competition will be hosted on May 27th at STC, and other ESF schools will be present.

Special thanks to Ms. Reeds and Ms. Cottam who coordinated this competition, and well done to everyone who participated. Congratulations to the winners, and best of luck when going forth into the ESF competition!

Dione Hodges, 11G2