1 Sep 2015

With Song and Dance

On Tuesday the 1st of September, Y13 and Y9 student leaders hosted the first ever lower school disco for Sha Tin College’s Y7 and 8 students; an exciting event for students to have fun with friends, new and old, and celebrate the beginning of the academic year with pizza, group-based games, and of course, plenty of dancing.

The activities were held in the hall, classrooms and basketball court with enthusiastic participation from students and teachers alike. Even our principal, Mr Morris, was keen to help in an energetic game of tug-of-war.


Students face each other off in a tug-of-war battle.  Photo: Sun Ho Kim


Photo: Sun Ho Kim

For student leader Natasha Siu, the hard work that went into planning the night paid off. “The event date was on the eve of our EE first draft deadline, so as Y13 student leaders we had a lot of doubts that we would be able to deliver a successful event,” she said. “However, we were fortunate enough that everything came together, and we’re just overjoyed that the younger students had a good time bonding with one other and with us.”

For many, the most enjoyable aspect of the evening was the dancing. Martin Mak 13G1 and Mr Lewis emceed, and popular songs played throughout, making it a relaxing and stress-free break from class and homework.


Its all singing and dancing at the Lower School Disco! Photo: Sun Ho Kim

Student leader Angelique Wong believes that this is a “great new way to allow lower school students to interact and socialize with one another”. Students are constantly encouraged to make friends outside of their tutor groups, and the disco truly was a wonderful atmosphere conducive to new friendships and fun.

Thank you to Ms Purves and our student leaders for organising such a successful event. We hope to see similar events in the future.

Kelly Yu 13X2