11 May 2018

Lower School Celebration For Year 8

Dear Parents, Guardians and Year 8 Students

I am writing to invite you to the Lower School Celebration for the current Y8 students. This event will be a celebration of their achievements in Y7 and Y8. The event will take place on Thursday 21st June.

Refreshments will be served in the Library from 4.30-5pm and the Awards Celebration will commence at 5pm in the Sha Tin College Hall. The event will finish at 6.30pm. All Y8 students are expected to attend the event. Students will need to stay at Sha Tin College at the end of the school day for a rehearsal.

During the Celebration, various achievement awards will be presented and there will be a variety of musical performances from our Y8 students. All of our Year 8 students will be performing in one of the performances.

If you would like to attend the celebration, I would be grateful if you could return the slip below to Ms Luo in the Lower School Office by 25th May. Please indicate how many seats you would like to reserve. We can accommodate up to two family members per student. Our fantastic team of Y8 chefs will be expertly preparing the refreshments. They have been planning the catering as part of a project and it would be helpful for them if you could also indicate whether you will also be attending this part of the event (4.30-5pm prior to the start of the awards ceremony).

All Y8 students are expected to wear their school uniform to the event.

Parking is extremely limited at Sha Tin College and so I advise you to make alternative transport arrangements. There is public parking in Fo Tan near McDonalds where you can catch the 69K which stops outside the College.

I look forward to seeing you at this celebration. It will be a wonderful acknowledgement of all the hard work that the Year 8s have been doing for the past two years.

Warm wishes

Lucie Purves

Head of Lower School


Name of your son/daughter__________________________. Tutor group______.

I would like to reserve                        (no of seats) at the Lower School Celebration on 21st June at 5pm. ( Maximum of 2 family members. This does not include the students in Year 8)

Will you also be attending the refreshments section of the event from 4.30-5pm in the Library?  Yes / No.

If you are attending the refreshments section. How many of you will attend?  or 2

Please tick one of the following options.

⍈I will be accompanying my son/daughter home after the ceremony.

⍈I give permission for my son/daughter to make their own way home from the ceremony.

Please provide us with a name and phone number to call in case of an emergency:

Name of Parent/Guardian___________________________       Signature_______________

Emergency phone number __________________________