26 Nov 2021

Lingnan University Counselor Tour


Because of the high education quality provided by Hong Kong tertiary institutions, many of our students consider pursuing higher education in Hong Kong.  With an opportunity to visit Lingnan University, the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong in November,  we are impressed with the resources and support they provide to their students.

Students at Lingnan University not only receive quality education in a very beautiful and internationalized campus, but also gain a lot in the Core Curriculum which aims to provide students with a broad and balanced foundation through an exposure to a wide range of cross-disciplinary subjects.  Lingnan is a small-size University which accommodates 3,000 undergraduate students.  Therefore, most students enjoy a lot of resources such as full residence on campus, plenty of scholarships and more than 80% chance of going on exchange.  Lingnan is committed to United Nations’ sustainable development goals such as Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation and Climate Action etc.  Therefore, their emphasis on areas such as local and overseas Service-Learning opportunities as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (I&E) activities under the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) helps students grow and become a global citizen.

More information about Lingnan, please visit HE Office or have a look on their website.