25 Nov 2019

Laptop Questionnaire

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Sha Tin College has implemented a 1:1 laptop purchase programme for a number of years. This programme involves the purchase of a laptop for use in the Middle School, Years 7 to 9. The advantages of purchasing through this programme are: onsite repairs, maintenance and technical help, three year accidental damage insurance, the ability to log on to the College network to access printers and backup drives.

From Year 10 onwards, parents and guardians can decide to either:

  • continue to purchase a laptop through the College’s 1:1 laptop programme
  • purchase a laptop of their own choice (provided the laptop meets the minimum specifications to run the software required for students to use in their IGCSE and IB courses).

As a parent of a child in Years 10 to 13 you will have selected a laptop for your child, once the original 1:1 programme laptop has come to the end of its warranty or the end of its reliable life. We are evaluating the 1:1 laptop purchase programme and so would be very grateful to understand the decision making process for the choice of laptop your child uses to support their learning. Please could you complete the following short questionnaire by 13th December 2019.

Link to the questionnaire

This feedback will help us to understand the reasons for the laptop purchase and assist with planning the 1:1 laptop programme. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the questionnaire to provide data in order to assist our evaluation process.

Kind regards,

Kathryn Reed
Senior Leader