8 Dec 2015

Laptop Insurance letter to Y7 Parents


 Dear Parents and Guardians

In recent weeks we have dealt with a few incidents where Year 7 students have left their laptops unattended and have briefly misplaced them. Thankfully we have in all cases been able to retrieve them but this has required a large amount of time and investigative effort on the part of staff which we would like to devote to helping our students in other more constructive ways.

Please can I ask for your help in reminding your son/daughter that they should be especially careful to look after their laptops. They should not leave their laptops unattended, or take them to changing rooms and if they are not using them, they should store them safely in their lockers. There are lockers outside the PE changing rooms that students can use if they are taking part in lunchtime activities.

In some cases students have accidentally taken another student’s laptop instead of their own. We are planning to create stickers with student names on to avoid this happening. and this week students will be writing their name on their laptop with a UV pen. In the meantime you might help us by making sure that your son/daughter places a sticker or tag on their laptop and laptop bag to avoid confusion.

At the laptop distribution evenings we explained that the three year accidental damage protection does not cover loss or theft.  If you have checked and found that your home contents insurance does not cover your child’s laptop, allow me to remind you that Zurich’s laptop insurance option remains open to you.  Full details can be found on the school’s 1:1 laptop website here.

Thank you for your support with this matter. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Lucie Purves                                      Crispian Farrow

Head of Lower School                        Learning Technology Advisor