28 Sep 2020

Kong Shing Travel Limited

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Many thanks to all parents using our service. We are very appreciative of your support as we return to work with Sha Tin College.

We are mindful of everyone’s health and safety at this time and are working in close partnership with the school. In response to feedback, we have addressed parental concerns in three main categories:

  • Charging structure
  • Customer relations
  • Health and safety

Charging Structure Term 1 – Adjustments to the bus fees for Term 1 (2020-2021).

Explanation of bus fare calculation:

In light of these discussions for term 1 we will be charging for 3.5 months (mid-September to December). Please note that the bus fees we calculate is based on a full term basis, not the exact school day.

※ Eg. Route C2 – Festival City @ $4,800/Term; 3.5 months in term 1

$4,800/4months*3.5months = $4,200

The bus fees paid for September to December will not be refunded, but the amount from 1st September to 15th September will be transferred to the next term (Term 2) and deducted from the bus fare. 

Customer relations – Emails to our service will be acknowledged or replied to within 24 hours. <kongshing.mswan@yahoo.com>

We are doing our best to address and improve service quality and customer service, as well as balance parents’ interests, and maintain services to families. Whilst we undertake these improvements, your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Should you have any concerns please in the first instance contact us (see email address above). 

Sha Tin College would be more than happy to be included in concerns arising from our services. Together we are working to make sure the students and families are well looked after and we can provide a full service for the students. Please use this email address to copy in the STC bus liaison <info@shatincollege.edu.hk>

Health and safety

Our top priority is the health and safety of your children. We do everything we can to safeguard the students. To ensure that this is done, we have taken the following steps:

  1. A designated person with an appointed mobile number will be notified to answer enquiries. Ida Chan (6172-0606)
  2. We would appreciate your enrollment in good time for the bus service so we can maximise on logistics and our customer service.

Should you have any queries or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Kong Shing Travel Limited:
(852) 9345 8721 (Lily Wan)
Email: kongshing.mswan@yahoo.com