24 Sep 2019

JA Company Programme

The JA Company Programme is Hong Kong’s largest platform for providing students with an authentic entrepreneurial experience. The aim is to support participants in starting and running a business over the course of a year. This is an example of project-based learning and interdisciplinary education where students engage in an authentic, applied, and active experience, not confined by the framework of one discipline. The programme requires skills and knowledge from a variety of subject areas including Business, Economics, Design, Visual Arts, and English.

This year, six groups of Year 12 students pitched their business ideas to a panel of judges which consisted of Mrs. Ducie, Mrs. Mintjens, Mr. Stott, and Mr. Lee. Their proposals included:

  • a special mug catered towards Parkinson’s disease patients
  • a card game aimed to educate players on endangered animals
  • a news website written by and for students
  • T-shirts to raise awareness for mental wellbeing
  • T-shirts to raise awareness for sustainability
  • products created from upcycled coffee grounds

The judges were impressed with the overall level of professionalism, creativity, and the strong connections to the UN Global Goals. Congratulations to Matthias Chan, Zheng Yu Chow, Oscar Choi, Samson Chan, Justin Chan, Krishank Agarwal, and Jason Chow who will form STC’s JA Company for 2019/20.


Mr Lee