6 Dec 2020

Inter-school Maths Race & Senior UKMT updates

There was a virtual ESF Maths event last weekend in which around 30 of our students from Years 7 to 10 competed. The second Maths event is the Senior UKMT.  The results among 30 dedicated students from Years 11 to 13 were fantastic!

In the Maths Virtual Race the focus was on speed, mental agility and fun mathematical problem solving skills. The highlights of results are:

  • Out of 41 Years 7/8 teams Michael Jiang, Ian Yu, and Sam Lam came first and Ivy Sham, Lincoln Liu, and Eugene Hau came second.
  • Michael went on to rank 5th out of 127 students, Ian 4th and Lincoln 3rd. 
  • Among the Years 10/11 (23 teams), our team of Mark Lee, Edward Zhang and Marcus Lam came 2nd.
  • Mark got the second highest individual score of all students.

The second success story is the Senior UKMTThe results among 30 dedicated students from Year 11 to 13 were fantastic.

  • Best in Year 13 – Qin Qin Tang
  • Best in Year 12 – Sophia Li
  • Best in Year 11 – Wesley Sze

But the best score of all was….

Mark Lee who is both only in Year 10 and achieved a perfect score of 120 out of 120. This is practically unheard of.  In his article below he refers to a very difficult question (22) which is included in this article.

Well done to all competitors who took part in both events and let see what the team shared with us below.


Ivy Sham, 7X2


Overall, it was a lot of fun, and we all look forward to the next Inter-ESF Maths Race!



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Mark Lee, 10X1


This experience gave me a huge boost of confidence and I will definitely participate in future Maths Challenges too.



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