8 Jul 2021

IB Diploma Results (Provisional): May 2021

Sha Tin College is extremely proud to announce another outstanding set of IB Diploma results. What is particularly remarkable about the students’ achievements is that Sha Tin College is an inclusive school, catering for students of almost all abilities. It is extremely pleasing that this year’s students achieved an average Diploma point score of 39.6, compared with the world average of 33 points.

The percentage of our students awarded the IB Diploma is an impressive 99%, which is more than 10% higher than the world-wide average.

This year we have eight students who achieved the maximum 45 points and a further nineteen students achieved the near-perfect score of 44 points. Overall 74 students (54% of the Diploma cohort) achieved 40 or more points compared with a world average of approximately 11%. 

Whilst we are extremely proud of these academically-able students, we are also particularly proud of the many students who fulfilled their personal potential, and the students who were expected to find the Diploma Programme particularly challenging. Through sheer hard work and determination, these students have managed to achieve at least 29 points, well above the 24 points needed to pass the IB Diploma.

Importantly, we would like to highlight the success of our first IB Career-Related Programme (IBCP) students. All 5 students did extremely well and have been awarded the diploma. 

This year we also had 5 students extending themselves in completing the Bilingual Diploma. All were successfully awarded this very prestigious diploma. One of these students was awarded a Bilingual Diploma with a score of 43 points. All our Bilingual Diploma students should be very proud of the work they put in to achieve this success. We are also tremendously proud of our IB Courses students. They all did superbly in their individually chosen pathways, and will now move forward onto new, diverse and exciting challenges.

Overview of IB Diploma Results (2017-2021)

*The IB worldwide data is from May 2020 as the May 2021 data is not yet available.**These are the 2021 figures released on the IB’s website on 5th July 2021(https://www.ibo.org/news/news-list/more-than-170000-students-across-the-world-receive-ib-results/)Note: This data may be subject to change.

Overall, STC students scored an average of 39.6 points, exceeding our best past performances. STC students set a record average of 2.4 points (out of 3) for the CORE component of their programme. Completion of the CAS programme is not included as part of the IB points score, but remains a formal requirement for being awarded the IB Diploma. All STC IBDP students were successful in fulfilling the CAS requirements. Average grades for IB subjects at Sha Tin College are well above worldwide averages for all IB subject groups, and this is an indication that our students are achieving well across the curriculum.

Finally, Sha Tin College wishes to acknowledge its graduating students on their achievements, many of whom have secured higher education places in a variety of prestigious universities across the world. To our staff, thank you for the generous support you have given to our students on their individual learning journeys. To parents and guardians, we would like to express our gratitude to you for entrusting your child’s education to Sha Tin College.

Many congratulations to the remarkable Class of 2021!


Kellie Fagan

Vice Principal, IB Diploma Coordinator

8th July 2021