22 Sep 2020

I-GCSE Information June 2021 Session

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

During our recent ‘Back to School’ event, a number of you asked about adaptions to the June 2021 assessment requirements for the I/GCSE.

As you may be aware the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OfQual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. A series of consultations were held over the summer to address the disruption to education caused by COVID 19 pandemic, and importantly the impact this will have on our I/GCSE students’ ability to reach their potential.

OfQual, as a result, made a number of recommendations for adjustment to assessments. Three key areas were highlighted:

  • Content in some subjects has been adjusted
  • More choice in content to be covered
  • Adjustment to fieldwork and practical components of subjects

The various examination boards then assessed their requirements and responded to Ofqual by releasing adjustments in each of the subjects they offer. Be assured that at STC our Heads of Faculty/Subject along with their teaching teams are addressing these changes as they are released, and adapting programmes of study for this school year. Importantly, this information is being highlighted to our students. Overall, we welcome these changes, as they show a clear appreciation of the current global situation and its impact on education, and educational outcomes.

To help you understand these changes further, it is necessary for you to know the examination boards that STC uses for each of our subjects. Please refer to this table:

As each examination board has addressed the changes to the explicit assessment requirements for each of their subjects, it is difficult to synthesize this information. Further, some adjustments are still being sent to schools.

Therefore, please use these websites to help you in your understanding:









Note that AQA are still releasing adjustments.

My best advice is to ask your child or contact their teachers if you have any questions about the requirements for specific subjects. I am happy to answer emails/calls and if necessary send these along to the relevant Head of Faculty/Subject.

Best regards,

Kellie Fagan
Vice Principal