22 Apr 2021

I/GCSE Examination Arrangements – May/June 2021

Dear Year 11 Parents and Students,

Your IGCSE examinations will take place from Monday 26th April to Wednesday 9th June 2021.  During this time, you will be on study leave and are only required to attend school for your examinations.

Examination Arrangements

The following arrangements are in place to ensure that Sha Tin College complies with instructions from the U.K. examination boards:

  1. Candidates are not allowed contact with the following devices during their examination sessions: telephones, faxes, computers, smartphones or any other form of communication, which would enable them to contact persons outside school. As a result, students are advised not to bring such devices to school during the examination period. If any candidate under supervision uses such a device during an examination session, wherever they are in the school, they will be in breach of this condition. The Notice to candidates and the candidate warning poster are attached for your information.
  2. Students should aim to get to school 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their examination. The examination timetable is attached for your information. All examinations will take place in the hall/gym (except those indicated in the timetable) and you should gather outside the exam venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of an exam.  All students must register in and out of the school using their Octopus cards in the normal manner and also sign in/out on the paper registers in Reception.
  3. If for any reason a student is late, he/she should try to contact the school on 2699 1811 or 2607 9119 to inform us that he/she is going to be late, but that he/she is on his/her way. Every effort must be taken by students not to be late. If students are late, the examination board will be notified and papers will only be marked at the discretion of the Board.
  4. If a student is ill, he/she must make every effort to come to school to take the examination. He/she and/or parents must inform Ms. Fagan/Ms. Wan and an appropriate Special Consideration form will be completed for the student. A doctor’s certificate must be provided without delay so that an application can be made to the examination board for this special consideration. However, if an examination is missed due to illness (except COVID-19), it is not always possible for the exam board to award a grade. Under no circumstances can the public examinations be rescheduled due to lateness or illness.
  5. Students must bring their HKID card and place it on the top right hand corner of the table during the examination.
  6. All equipment (pens, pencils etc) must be taken into the examination hall in a clear plastic bag. Please do not bring correction fluid into the examination hall as its use is forbidden in exams. Please ensure that your equipment includes several working black pens, pencils, ruler and eraser. Additionally, an HB pencil is required for multiple-choice exams and a graphical calculator, protractors and pairs of compasses are recommended for Maths exams.
  7. Please note that students will not be allowed to take bags, smart/digital watches or phones into the Hall. These will need to be stored in a secure location outside the Hall and it is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure the security of their belongings.
  8. Calculators – The school will provide TI-30XB calculators for examinations except Mathematics. When you are using HP Prime Graphing calculators for a Mathematics exam, please make sure it installed the basic exam mode. If you haven’t done so, please consult your Maths teacher before the examinations.
  9. Examinations results – The CAIE result login details will be available to you on 27 April. You can check your result online on 12 August UTC 0600. For Edexcel and AQA, results will be released on 12 August.  Wan will update you the arrangement later.

Typhoons and Rainstorm Warnings

In the event of a typhoon 8 signal, all examinations will be postponed. In the event of a red/black rainstorm warning, please listen to the radio for announcements with regard to exams and check the school website. You must assume that exams will take place, even if schools are closed, unless there is a separate announcement postponing exams. In the event of postponements, there will be announcements about re-scheduling. Again listen to the radio and check for information on the school website or contact the exams office on 2699 1811 or 2607 9119.

The above arrangements provide the best circumstances for examinations to take place with the minimum inconvenience to candidates whilst complying with all of the instructions from the U.K. examining boards.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all examination candidates the best with their revision and hope that the preparations that they do now will pay dividends in the examination period itself.

Yours faithfully,

Iris Wan                                                                                    Kellie Fagan

Examinations Manager                                                     IGCSE Coordinator/Vice Principal