18 May 2017

HE Days (1, 2 & 5 June): Careers & Higher Education Planning/Research

Dear Parents of Y12 Students,

With only a few weeks left before the end of Year 12, we are very keen to ensure that students make the most of this time.  In light of their busy schedules, we have set aside time in the diary, after students complete their Y12 End of Year Exams, for them to invest time and effort into learning more about their future potential pathways and what is involved in making positive steps in the months ahead.

We trust that time invested now will allow these very significant questions and issues to be addressed more effectively and with less stress when students return to Year 13 in the Autumn Term.   Please note that while they will not be attending their normal classes, students will be in school from 8.15 a.m. for tutor registration and will be expected to be in school until 3.20 p.m. as normal.

For your reference, I am attaching a list of aims and objectives for these days.  I would also like to invite you to attend an informal meeting for parents where I will discuss how the school is supporting students through the application and decision-making process. This will take place on Friday 2nd June from 6.30 – 7.30 p.m..  At this informal information session, I will give a more detailed overview of what we are doing during this time, as well as what we foresee students accomplishing in the coming weeks and months in relation to their applications.  I will also attempt to answer questions and address concerns that you may have.  I have booked our Senior School Centre (Room 238) for this meeting.  Please let me know by email (pbc@shatincollege.edu.hk) if you are planning to attend so that I can arrange an alternative venue if numbers dictate.

Additionally, we are planning for some of our former students to hold a panel discussion with Y12 students regarding ‘Life at University and Beyond’.  We have asked them to talk about their educational and career journeys to date, how they made their choices, and what they learned from some of the issues that they faced during the research, application and decision-making processes – both in relation to higher education and careers paths.  This meeting is scheduled to take place at the same time as the parents’ information session on Friday evening.

I trust that your son/daughter will make the most of this time and will communicate with you throughout their research and initial preparation for university applications.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any immediate concerns or questions prior to the meeting on 2 June.

Kind regards,

Patrick Campbell

Head of Careers and Higher Education

Sha Tin College

Careers/HE Days Aims & Objectives


  • To give all students time and support to facilitate concentrated and focused research and planning for their future Careers/HE decisions, plans and pathways.
  • To reduce stress and workload on all Senior School Students – especially during the Autumn Term of Year 13.


  • To reflect on and further explore various careers assessment tools and to research suitable longer term career pathways.
  • To understand and begin using the HE application/reference programme.
  • To be aware of their own and teachers’ estimates regarding predicted grades and academic profiles.
  • To make an initial list of application preferences.
  • To understand the reference writing process and provide information to tutors, subject teachers and activity leaders to support this process.
  • To understand and practise application personal statements/essays and have these reviewed/evaluated.
  • To understand university issues such as housing, costs, programme variations, activities, location, setting, competitiveness, etc..
  • To begin direct communication with universities in order to learn about a ‘good fit’ and to confirm issues such as fee status, eligibility, etc..
  • To draft letters to universities to gain information regarding these issues.
  • To explore possible career interests, to research into particular careers and to draft letters regarding work experience/career visits.
  • To understand more about career pathways and job satisfaction, and how their personal preferences may impact possible ‘good fit’ career choices.


Please note that the Careers/HE research processes are seen as ongoing and we expect that there will have been significant thought and planning prior to these days.

We trust that students and families will continue with this process of exploring and researching various potential pathways, as students reflect on and refine their application plans in the coming weeks.

We also trust that students and families will invest further time and thought into researching, critical evaluation of potential options and decision-making in the following several months through the application process and into confirming their enrolment/gap-year/career placements.