29 Sep 2020

GRUEN Sustainability E-Conference

This year, we sent six students to the prestigious GRUEN Sustainability E-Conference, which was a collaboration between the EU and Hong Kong Baptist University. After being divided into pairs and partnered with students from other Asian or EU countries, one of our teams managed to reach the shortlist, pitching to a panel of industry insiders and experts on sustainability measures for cities. Throughout the process, all our students learned about core tenets of sustainability, ranging from balanced government policies to mechanisms for crisis mitigation. Beyond discussing environmental protection, the project encouraged our students to possess a holistic understanding of proper city design and management. Students Solomon Lam and Ian Mo, who were on the shortlisted team, both found the experience inspiring. 

Solomon Lam, 13D1


Solomon, who organised STC’s participation, noted, “The project has provided me with valuable insight into both sustainability and education. Meeting peers that share my passion for sustainability has allowed for a cross-pollination of ideas. I will be working with Council leadership to introduce to STC a more dynamic, engaging sustainability curriculum.”



Ian Mo, 13G2


Ian, who participated enthusiastically throughout the course, said, “It was an amazing experience both intellectually and socially. GRUEN offered a platform for us to investigate solutions to a problem much bigger than ourselves and connected like-minded individuals together.”




Yui Hang, another participant who is interested in city planning and civil engineering, noted, “From spending long hours at the Central Library poring over feasibility studies to “visiting” construction sites, urban planning has long been one of my most heartfelt passions; and GRUEN gave me the opportunity to present my planning ideals to similarly enthusiastic peers across Asia. I am confident that GRUEN will continue to enlighten and initiate future students into the wonders of city planning for years to come.”

The Environmental Council wishes to thank all the students who participated, and looks forward to promoting future learning opportunities for students.