21 Aug 2023

Gina HO (13D1) – Serve to Lead Training 2023


Student: Gina Ho

Introduction: Hi everyone!! This is Gina from 13D1. I served as an assistant coach at a training camp for primary school children, an experience in which I actively participated during my years in Grades 3 to 7, and began coaching from Grade 7 till now.

Company Name: Serve To Lead Training

Job Description: As a cohesive team, we fostered the children’s education and training in a natural environment, immersing them in wildlife. In this setting, they were tasked with constructing their own tents, preparing meals, and navigating their way using maps and compasses, all independently and as part of their respective teams. In my role, I assumed the responsibilities of both a supervisor and a senior member of the team, aiming to inspire and motivate their personal growth.

Skills Application: Teamwork was crucial as we worked together, each was assigned different responsibilities such as teaching skills, capturing photos, and debriefing with the children. Resilience was vital in the challenging wildlife environment, requiring quick thinking and composure, especially in situations like participant injuries. Above all, being a good listener allowed me to show empathy and understand the children’s emotions throughout the camp, whether it was comforting their homesickness at night or supporting them during tiring hikes.

Inspiration/Motivation: This role served as a constant reminder of the profound impact our actions have on the children at the camp, as they greatly admired and looked up to each one of us. It reinforced the importance of not only being mindful of my own behavior but also finding ways to motivate myself when faced with stress and discouragement. Knowing that there were numerous young individuals who saw me as a role model, I felt a strong responsibility to uplift their spirits and lead by example.