20 Feb 2017

Let’s get down to business

Sha Tin College’s annual Interhouse Businomics Quiz was held last week, on the 15th of February in the SSC. Normally a setting of quiet chatter, the Senior School Centre was dominated by the fervent discussion between each competing group and the constant cheering for the four houses. Students ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 – one from each form – were selected to participate, and many more came in support of their friends.
The event consisted of four rounds: A continuous round where students listed countries in order of decreasing debt; the Brand-name quiz, where students were given difficult clues to identify popular brands; the Currency Quiz, in which students were tasked to name a certain country’s currency from a small image of a coin or a banknote, and a Musinomics round, where students identified songs with themes relating to money. These events required immense teamwork and cooperation, and even the onlookers on the sides were engaged. The quiz was entirely designed by students in Year 12 and 13.

“It was a privilege to help organise a house event,” reflected Chris Li, 13D2. “As a previous student leader, I’ve always been curious about the inner workings of each house event. Organising this activity granted a great deal of perspective into the backdrop of the house events and [drew] my deepest respect for those who organise them.”

Dragon maintained a solid lead through the first three rounds of competition, and everyone was left with a cliffhanger, awaiting results that were to be announced the next day. In the end, Pegasus won with 116 points, followed by Dragon a mere 10 points away, with Phoenix coming third (gaining 81 points) and Griffin last (with 73 points).

The four houses will continue to contend for the House and Spirit Cups in future events!

Andrian Chan, 12D1