2 Feb 2016

Geography Revision Conference 2016

Geography Revision Conference 2016

Dear Year 13 HL Geographers and Parents

The Geography Revision Conference is taking place on Friday 19st February in the afternoon. This is an ESF wide conference and will be held at West Island School this year. The conference is specifically designed to help Year 13 HL students gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the globalization unit they have been learning about, in preparation for their IB exams.

This is a valuable opportunity for our students to collaborate with students from other schools and enhance their understanding. Last years’ conference proved to be very useful to students. All Year 13 HL Geography students are expected to attend.

There will be a bus leaving school at lunchtime to take students to West Island School in time for a 2pm start. The Conference will finish around 4pm, when students will be free to make their own way home.

Students should return the completed reply slip to the Geography office no later than Monday 15th February.

Should you have any questions, please contact one of us at school,

Best Regards,

The Geography Department


Student Name:            ________________________________        TG:_______

Please tick each row
___ I give permission for my child to attend the Geography Conference
___ I confirm that my child will make their own way home after the trip
___ I confirm that all medical information  & contact details about my child are up to date on Gateway

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