11 Jan 2018

Forthcoming Careers/HE Related Events & the ESF Higher Education (HE) Fair

Dear Year 12 Students and Parents,

Forthcoming Careers/HE Related Events
& the ESF Higher Education (HE) Fair
(King George V School; Monday, 29th January   2.30 – 4.00 p.m.)
Introduction to the ESF HE Fair:
We are writing to inform you about a major opportunity for you and your family to meet and interact with university representatives at the ESF Higher Education Fair.  This event aims to maximise the ability of students and parents to gain information about a great variety of schools at one location.   The format of the evening will be similar to that of other major HE fairs and thus, the approximately 180 universities will set up tables in King George V School, allowing students to chat with representatives from the schools in which they are interested.
Several days prior to the event, students will be given a brochure (pdf will also be mailed for your reference) with a full list of the institutions along with some possible questions which can be used to support their preparation and research.  We suggest you review this brochure as a family to examine the list of schools and to work through the preparation questions together.  There will be schools from many of our most popular destinations of UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia as well as others from Europe and Asia, and some business, hospitality, design and other specialist schools and organisations.
Logistics regarding the ESF HE Fair:
Students will travel by bus directly to King George V School at 1.20 p.m. in order to arrive at or before 2.30 p.m., and will be brought back to Sha Tin Railway Station after our allotted time is complete (leaving shortly after 4.00 p.m.).   We ask that you sign the permission slip below and confirm if your son or daughter will make their own way home, instead of returning by bus.
Additionally, please note that there is no guest parking space at King George V School, so parents who would like to attend, should travel by public transport or park nearby and take a taxi to the school.  Details of how to get to King George V School are on their homepage (www.kgv.edu.hk/directions/), by clicking on the ‘Communications’ tab on the top and the ‘Directions’ link in the drop down column.
If you have an interest in schools, destinations or programmes that are not represented at the Fair, please contact us by email or by visiting the Careers Room Office to discuss how to make the most of this opportunity.  Please note that the ESF Fair is organised in addition to students meeting with the large number of university visitors that come to our school for more detailed presentations about their schools and a more relaxed and less crowded environment for asking questions.
Other Forthcoming Events in January:
Please also note that we have several HE meetings related to applying to various countries throughout Years 12 and 13 (please see the online school calendar for details), which we hope are helpful in supporting students’ research and decision making.  Additionally, we have many university guestsvisiting to explain about higher education in their countries and their universities in more detail.  These are announced through posters, the direct emails to students and through morning tutor time.   Please ask your daughter/son about these meetings if you want further details.  Please feel free to email our office if you have further questions or concerns related to these meetings that your son/daughter is unable to answer.
Finally, please also make a note in your diary/calendar regarding our next major HE event for Year 12 families, which is our Higher Education Information Evening on Wednesday 7th March, as published in the school calendar.  A future letter with more details about this event will be forthcoming later in February.
As always, please feel free to contact the Careers Room Office (students can come by during break times and families can request appointments by email or via the student).  You are also welcome to email or phone us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your daughter’s/son’s decisions regarding her/his future.
Kind regards,
Patrick Campbell – Head of Careers and Higher Education      David Stott – Careers/HE Counsellor
(pbc@shatincollege.edu.hk)                                                      (dzs@shatincollege.edu.hk)
Please complete and return by hand to Rm 231 or by email to minnie@shatincollege.edu.hk by 8.35 a.m., Wednesday 24th January  
I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to travel to King George V School to participate in the ESF Higher Education Fair on Monday 29th January, 2018. 
I understand that my child will travel to King George V School by bus, leaving school at 1.20 p.m. and…  
(circle below your preferred option)
A)    returning to Sha Tin by bus under teacher supervision.
B)    making their own way home from King George V School with my permission.
(please note: students will not be allowed to make their own way home without prior written approval from a parent)
Please note the following current medical details or conditions may be of importance during the trip:
Student:   ____________________   Tutor Group:  _____

Parent Signature:    __________________________

Emergency Contact Number:  (1)  ________________________     (2)   _____________________