29 Nov 2023

Five Ways of Developing a Mindful Practice Can Help us “Take Notice” and Improve Overall Wellbeing

The activity group ‘Mindful Mondays’ meets weekly for meditation practice. Here are 5 ways developing a mindful practice can help us “take notice” and improve overall wellbeing
“正念週一” 活動小組每周聚會進行冥想練習。以下是發展正念練習可幫助我們“關注當下”並提高整體福祉的5種方式:

1. Heightened Awareness: a heightened sense of awareness in the present moment can extend to other aspects of life, such as noticing the beauty in nature, appreciating small moments of joy, or being more attentive in conversations. By taking notice of the details around us, we can develop a deeper sense of gratitude and connection to the world. 意識的提高:對當前時刻的高度意識可以延伸到生活的其他方面,例如注意到自然界的美麗,欣賞小片刻的喜悅,或在對話中更加專注。通過注意我們周圍的細節,我們可以培養更深的感恩之心,並與世界建立更深的聯系。

2. Improved Focus and Concentration: helps sharpen our focus and enhance concentration skills. We become better at directing our attention to the task at hand and noticing the details that might have previously escaped our awareness. This improved focus can enhance productivity, learning, and overall performance in various areas of life. 提高專注力和注意力:有助於提升我們的專注力和注意力技巧。我們變得更擅長將注意力集中在手頭的任務上,並注意到之前可能逃過我們注意的細節。這種提高的專注力可以增強生活中各個領域的生產力、學習能力和整體表現。

3. Emotional Regulation: Observing our thoughts and emotions without judgement leads us to become more skilled at recognising and accepting our emotions as they arise. This can help us take notice of our internal states, allowing us to respond to challenging situations with greater clarity and composure. It also enables us to notice and appreciate positive emotions. 情緒調節:觀察我們的思維和情緒,不加評判地觀察,使我們能夠更加熟練地認識和接受情緒的產生。這有助於我們注意到內在的狀態,使我們能夠以更清晰和沉著的方式應對挑戰性的情況。它還使我們能夠察覺和欣賞積極的情緒。

4. Enhanced Sensory Experience: We become more attuned to our sensory experiences, such as savouring the taste of food, noticing the feel of textures, or appreciating the sounds and smells around us. This enriches our daily experiences and brings a greater sense of joy and fulfilment to everyday activities. 增強的感官體驗:我們變得更加敏銳於感官體驗,比如品味食物的味道,注意觸感的質地,或欣賞周圍的聲音和氣味。這豐富了我們日常的體驗,給日常活動帶來更多的快樂和滿足感。

5. Deeper Self-Reflection: When we take the time to observe our thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior, we gain valuable insights into ourselves. By taking notice of our internal landscape, we can make more conscious choices that align with our values, leading to greater overall wellbeing. 更深層的自我反思:當我們花時間觀察自己的思維、信念和行為模式時,我們會對自己有更深刻的洞察。通過關注內心世界,我們可以做出更有意識與我們的價值觀相一致 的選擇,從而帶來更大的整體幸福感。

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